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What separates us from others is that we listen closely to our clients' needs. We'll guide you through storyboarding, scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, finding the right makeup artists, stylists, etc. Collaborating together throughout the pre-production process ensures that the client reaches their expectations and goals.



Utilizing a vast array of the latest lighting, cameras and tools, we shape and control light for strong, impactful visuals. Whether working with amateurs or professional talent, we guide them along the way and put them at ease to bring out their best. This directing ability can only be achieved through years of working with talent on live sets.



We pride ourselves on our ability to visually tell a story. Through editing, voiceovers, soundtracking, graphics work, color grading, etc., post production is where we bring your story to life.



Jeffrey Haynes has been an instrumental part of the Clear Pyramid team with his skillful motion graphics such as, logo animations, video effects, or text and graphics layered over footage. As the animation designer of our logo, his talents are on display throughout many of our videos. Click his logo to the left to see more of Jeffrey's work. Jeff + Content


  • Concept Video

  • Corporate Video

  • Marketing Video

  • Recruiting Video

  • Advertising Video

  • Testimonial Video

  • Fundraising Video

  • Educational Video

  • Promotional Video

  • Drone Videography

  • Demonstration Video

  • Television Commercial Video

  • Corporate Speaking Events

  • Web Video

  • PSA Video

  • Sales Video

  • Medical Video

  • Product Video

  • Interview Video
  • Academic Video
  • Non-profit Video

  • Healthcare Video

  • Instructional Video

  • Health & Wellness Video

  • Ethnographic Research Video

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